Dynamic and innovative UX/Ul Designer, blending a strong background in sound design and music with expertise in digital product design. Passionate about creating user-centric interfaces and delivering impactful solutions, with a focus on enhancing user engagement and project efficiency.
UX/Ul Designer Training and Internship Pitango Academy
- An intensive one-year program covering all aspects of UX/Ul design, including user research, typography, design systems, Figma, prototyping, and working with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Hands-on training in industry-standard software like Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch.
- Engaged in a hands-on internship program at Pitango Academy, working closely with experienced UX/Ul designers.
- Focused on practical application of design principles, gaining insights into real-world project management and execution.
- Received mentorship and feedback, leading to significant improvement in design techniques and problem-solving
Independent Musicians' Platform:
- Led the development of a groundbreaking application aimed at self-promoting musicians.
- Incorporated advanced features for content management, sound adjustment, and aesthetics.
- Addressed a market niche, providing artists a platform to compete alongside label-signed musicians.
Parental Monitoring Dashboard for New Drivers:
- Conceptualized and designed a comprehensive dashboard for monitoring novice drivers.
- Integrated real-time tracking of driving parameters, including speed, location, and driving patterns.
- Customizable limits on speed and route, enhancing safety and peace of mind.
Website Redesign Project:
- Redesigned an existing website, focusing on improving user interface and overall user experience.
- Conducted user research to inform design decisions to increase user engagement and satisfaction.
Sound Designer (Since 2018)
- Developed custom soundscapes for a diverse range of media applications, ensuring alignment with client visions and project objectives.
- Managed all aspects of production, from concept to final output, ensuring high-quality results
- Integral member of the sound design team for "Big Brother", implemented innovative sound techniques to enhance storytelling and viewer engagement.
- Collaborated with creative teams to produce and edit sound for various media projects.
Sound Engineer Degree, Sound School by Yoav Gera (2016 - 2020)
- Four-year program covering advanced sound engineering and production techniques.
- Specialized in digital audio production, live sound reinforcement, and audio post-production.

Hebrew - Native | English - Fluent